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Inspirational Men In Media: Chief Operating Officer of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Theodore “Stretch” Travis

Inspirational Men In Media: Chief Operating Officer of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Theodore “Stretch” Travis

About Theodore “Stretch” Travis

Theodore “Stretch” Travis comes to us from Niagara Falls NY.  He grew up always wanting to be a rapper, DJ, singer but he felt he didn’t have the talent.  His uncle was a big-time promoter in Niagara Falls and Stretch attended one of his concerts featuring the legend Big Daddy Kane. From that point on Stretch knew he wanted to be a promoter and own a nightclub.

As a teen, Stretch noticed his cousin and his friends had a rap group and it motivated him to start an independent label at age 19 named “Onpoint Entertainment” and they were the first group Stretch signed to the label. Stretch also used the name to promote concerts, parties, and other events. By the time Stretch was 21, he had a label, promoted events, and ran an after-hours nightclub in Niagara Falls NY.

He hit a few rough patches in his 20’s. Few of his artists were arrested and serving long sentences, nightclubs were closing and Stretch was starting to feel stuck. He worked a few dead-end jobs and was suffering from depression.  Back in 2016 one of his day one friends since the 4th grade called Stretch and said he made a few investments and Hip Hop Weekly was one of them.  He asked Stretch to run the point and the rest is history.

OurBlk Men Magazine got an exclusive interview with Theodore “Stretch” Travis.

Hi. It’s an honor to interview you today. Please tell us what your role entails with Hip Hop Weekly?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: Hello, thanks for having me on this amazing platform. My role at Hip Hop Weekly is to manage day-to-day operations. That consists of talking to potential advertisers, meeting with brand partners, making sure our staff has everything available to do their jobs, and more.

What would you like our readers to know about the publication?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: I would like the readers to know that our publication is no longer a tabloid or gossip brand. When we purchased the company, our main focus was to rebrand and put out solid content. We wanted to tell more positive stories that you wouldn’t normally hear within our culture.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: I enjoy everything about my job. I’m a big fan of music, I’m a big fan of the Hip Hop culture so this isn’t even work for me.

What obstacles have you overcome that made you the man that you are today?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: My biggest obstacle was learning how to be a man. My father was killed at age 7 and ever since then people always told me I had to be the man of the house. When I think back how can I be the man of the house if no man is around to teach me. It’s only so much my mother can teach. So, I had to learn this on my own, and honestly, I didn’t figure it out until my daughter was born.

What would you like to see more of in the media industry? Especially from Black Media Outlets.

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: I would like to see more positive stories in the media especially black media. As black owners, we have to create our own narrative and control our narrative. Usually, when mainstream white media cover our culture it is something negative so they see us that way. This is why we only cover certain stories on our platform. While other outlets might talk about an artist getting arrested or something negative, we’re going to talk about what that artist does in his community or how many jobs he created.

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What was your childhood like?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: My childhood was fun. I loved to play basketball and hang out at the Boys Club. Like I stated earlier after my father died it was survivor mode for me as a child, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure everybody was good.

What is a super fun fact that many may not be aware of about you?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: People also say I’m quiet and too serious but once you get to know me, I love to laugh, joke, sing, and just vibe.

What is a quote that you live by?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: “Before you become an overnight success, you have to be an everyday hustler”

How can we keep up to date with all you have going on?

Theodore “Stretch” Travis: Again, thanks for having me! I really appreciate it. Please follow me on IG @Stretch_716 follow the brand on IG @hiphopweeklymagazine, Facebook @hiphopweekly, Twitter @hiphopweekly.

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