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Fashion Designer Spotlight: Eric Lowery, Owner of Connexion Clothing LLC

Fashion Designer Spotlight: Eric Lowery, Owner of Connexion Clothing LLC


Meet Eric Lowery, the owner of Connexion Clothing LLC. Not only is Eric the owner, but he is also is the designer, the assembler, and of course customer service. He’s striving to make Connexion a luxury brand and offers customers that same luxurious feeling.

For him, this isn’t just a clothing brand. This is about creating a community, encouraging the young black men in the community, and creating a legacy. This brand is literally about connecting people.

Eric, who is a husband, a dad, and a Fire Alarm Technician by trade, still continuously makes time to hustle for his dream. While many businesses we know today have been started in a garage, Eric has started his in the basement of their family home. Still, he works from there, but soon he’ll be operating from a warehouse.

Connexion launched in 2017 and is located in the DMV area. Eric is passionate about helping the local Boys and Girls Club as well as at-risk youth.

Connexion is not the only brand you will see from this businessman. Eric also has partnered up with a childhood friend to create a wine brand, a children’s book, and has even created a cologne brand. All of the latter brands will be released and available for sale shortly! Until then, stay connected with Connexion Clothing and keep your eyes open for everything else Eric drops.

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