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Interview With Pastor Jeremy Tuck

Interview With Pastor Jeremy Tuck

Hey OurBlk Men Magazine readers! Did you know that Pastor Jeremy Tuck fed 60,000 people during the pandemic and grew his church membership to the economic empowerment of 120 Entrepreneurs?

Pastor Jeremy Tuck has taken his ministry to the next level. Not only has Tuck served 60,000 families during the pandemic, but he has also managed to boost his church’s membership of 5 entrepreneurs to 120 entrepreneurs. However Pastor Jeremy did not stop there, he was blessed enough to be a blessing to one of his church’s most faithful parishioners. The church member was given a fully furnished house, the deed to that house, and she also received repayment of 15 years of tithes. Because of Pastor Tuck’s relatability and success with the younger generation, many congregations have sought Pastor Tuck’s advice on how to reach out to millennials. Due to the numerous requests, Pastor Jeremy Tuck decided to share his knowledge in his book named “Leading the Millennial Church”. Pastor Tuck’s purpose is to teach his congregation how to pass on true generational wealth and educate the community on innovative family-building strategies.

OurBlk Men Magazine got an exclusive interview with Pastor Jeremy Tuck.

Please share with us what led you to ministry?

I grew up in church, where my father was a pastor with the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) denomination. My genuine desire as a kid was to play professional baseball. I would always find myself leading or encouraging someone throughout my life, and the love for people and the passion for seeing them grow grew within me. Watching people evolve from the words preached or the counseling that was rendered was a life-giving thing for me as a leader. So, I say that the ministry found me, and I followed.

How does the work that you do make an impact on you?

In my life, I love to see people evolve from dark places. I believe that love is an action word, and we must show love to make a change in the world. Also, it allows me to not only talk to my five sons about making a difference, but it allows me to put the principle to action.

You’ve helped countless of people during the pandemic; what have been some testimonials you’ve heard from those who received your assistance?

We hear how thankful the people are each week for how the food given by our food pantry is helping them to stay fed and healthy during this pandemic. Also, how grateful they are for how the utility/housing assistance is helping them to keep their bills paid, but one statement that continues to blow me away is, “Wow, I have never seen a church do anything like this before.”.

What would you like our readers to know about your book “Leading the Millennial Church”?

I would like the readers to understand that this is not your parent’s church, for starters! The church in which we lead today is a different church. The church that our mothers and fathers grew to know and love changed overnight, and social media was one of the benefactors of this change. The Millenials have become the leaders who now sit in these seats or will soon take these seats. Their viewpoints and life experiences are different, which calls for another form of action from the church.

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What else are you currently working on?

Creating an exclusive club for future entrepreneurs to help them create income streams which will help them launch their business and help secure capital for their projects. I’m also working on a senior housing facility which will be dedicated to allowing seniors to live and thrive in the place of their choosing as they age. Our facility will also offer services of support that may be needed as their needs change as they age.

What words of encouragement could leave our readers for the new year?

I want to encourage the readers by saying, pace yourself! This is the year to take the leap, so remain focused on your journey and never allow your emotions or social media to drive you into thinking you’re not moving fast enough. Focus on your assignment, and when it’s your time, make sure you’re ready!

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