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DerriQ J Discusses We In Action (WIA) Entertainment

DerriQ J Discusses We In Action (WIA) Entertainment

We In Action (WIA) Entertainment has launched an artist development initiative for upcoming artists and talent across North Carolina. The initiative, created by the founder and CEO of WIA, DerriQ, consists of an observation process to find artists’ strengths and weaknesses. It also offers assistance on areas of improvement. 

“In business, CEOs find issues in their framework, solve them, and market how better their products are than their competitors,” DerriQ said.

OurBlk Men Magazine got an exclusive interview with DerriQ J.

Please tell us about yourself?

DerriQ J: My name is DerriQ J. I am a U.S. Army veteran from Kinston, North Carolina, and I graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. I own an independent record label that focuses on developing artists in North Carolina by offering services tailored to each individual specific needs.

What is your mission as the CEO of We In Action Entertainment (WIA)?

DerriQ J: My mission is to spotlight North Carolina artists. We have so much talent that goes unnoticed. Most artists move out of North Carolina to increase their chances of becoming mainstream. I aim to put an end to that. I want North Carolina artists to create in their home state and still achieve their dreams.

What do you look for in a new talent that aspires to be discovered?

DerriQ J: I look for talent who have ambition, are consistent, and are coachable. I am also searching for artists in all genres. Everyone makes music that feels good to them, and if it makes you feel good, it has the potential to make someone else feel the same way.

What all goes into artist development?

DerriQ J: We provide resources to help artists develop a fanbase and set them up for success in their music careers. WIA offers exceptional services from a highly experienced team of producers, engineers, voice coaches, songwriters, etc.

What are you currently working on?

DerriQ J: First and foremost, we are always working in tandem with NC artists to develop their art.

For Black History Month, we are running a Black-owned business promotion on Instagram. Each day, we will post a picture of a business and its logo. The post will also include its location, the founding date, and a quick summary of the business.

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What else would you like for our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

DerriQ J: We provide opportunities for freelance creatives to work with many artists. If you are a creator and would like to join a community that offers many networking opportunities, contact us at

Additional information about WIA is also available on the label’s social media platforms below. 

Social Media:  

Instagram: @weinactionent 

Facebook: We In Action Ent. 

YouTube: We In Action Ent  

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