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Mental Health Advocate Spotlight: Jevon Wooden

Mental Health Advocate Spotlight: Jevon Wooden

Jevon Wooden was born and raised on the east side of Rochester, NY. Being from humble beginnings, he’s had his share of obstacles along the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and cybersecurity professional. At 17, Jevon was arrested and faced seven years in prison. During his time in confinement, he realized he needed to change, which is what he did. God answered his prayers, and with a second chance, Jevon went on to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve for 12 years, deploying overseas three times. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for heroic acts during a suicide bombing during his last deployment to Afghanistan.

He holds a Masters in Cybersecurity from Fordham University and an MBA from the University of Maryland — Robert H. Smith School of Business. Jevon is a warrior against mental health issues, suffering from depression and PTSD himself, and an advocate for the Black community in the fight for racial equity. He is the founder of Live Not Loathe, LLC, a mindset and perception coach and speaker firm focusing on helping high achievers obtain “a life they don’t need a vacation from.” He is also the author of “Own Your Kingdom” and co-author of “All Gas No Breaks”.

Jevon Wooden is compassionate, driven, intelligent, and joy-filled. The impact he wants to make in others’ lives through Live Not Loathe is for them to embrace their imperfections.

“If life was perfect, we wouldn’t appreciate it, and we’d say it was boring.” -Jevon Wooden

Jevon wants people to see the power in their uniqueness — to understand that we are not put on this Earth to please others; we are here to make the world better than it was when we came here in our own way.

Jevon also wants everyone who comes across his work to unlock a piece of their power each time they interact with him or his content. He wants them to love themselves and believe that they can manifest whatever dreams have come to their mind. Live Not Loathe is all about helping others put the joy back in their lives through a change in mindset and perception. 85% of people on this planet struggle with low self-esteem at some point in their lives. Jevon Wooden created Live Not Loathe to lower that number drastically.

He enjoys spending time in nature, traveling, learning, live music, and performing community service in his free time.


By reaching out to Jevon, you have already taken the first step in turning thoughts into action. Let him help you break through your own notions of limitation. He will be there to help you take back control of your life and achieve your goals by empowering yourself.

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