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Multiple Titleholder Bob Mackey Serves The Community Upward Through Life Changing Skills and Practices

Multiple Titleholder Bob Mackey Serves The Community Upward Through Life Changing Skills and Practices

Black men are leading in big ways despite the narrative that we are constantly forced to receive. Statistically speaking, young black men (and children) are poorly served in schools but that isn’t stopping impactful and influential black men to stand up and help push the youth into greater. There is a major will to see the fruit of generational wealth arising and men like Bob Mackey are one who isn’t backing down until it comes to past. Before moving on, it is important to understand that wealth is not limited to money although it is included. Mentors, businessmen, authors, and more are rising up to establish a wealth mindset within youth and professionals (because growth is always in order) that will outlast a generation. 

I was curious to find out what black men are doing in detail to ensure this takes place. I sat down with Author, Inventor, Professional Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Executive Producer of Oscarville T.V. Series Bob Mackey to get his take on improvement, development, and more. The multiple title-holder has the heart to serve the community upward to achieve all that was deemed impossible. 


You can check out what he had to say about building communities that start with individuals below. 


Your resume (and bio) is quite extensive. You have accomplished a lot. So my question is, how do you help improve the lives of others, especially in this ever-changing world that seems to be getting a little harder for most individuals?

Bob Mackey Thank you. My recipe for improvement is FINDING WHAT WORKS and developing OPTIONS.

But, why are options so important, you may ask? Because people treat you better when they know you have options. I encourage people to start by examining their work ethic and worth ethic! Soon they’ll realize that It takes a different type of person. One of which they must become! The easy part is knowing what must be done, the difficult part sometimes is doing it!

You were a high school dropout, and many people are ashamed to say that, but you went on to accomplish things that those who hold degrees (some) haven’t even performed. How were you able to do so and is this something you stand on when you’re coaching and training and encountering others?

Bob Mackey  I’m an educated drop-out with a BIG HEART to serve! I’ve learned to do what people complain about doing, and I get good at them. I have two children who depend on their daddy to make it happen! I was only one of Diane’s kids who didn’t graduate high school. However, I was the first of Diane’s kids to walk her into college graduation. 

When training or coaching others, I stand on the facts. Where are you now? How long do you want to be here? Once we develop that understanding, then we talk about their environment. Are the conditions suitable for growth? Does the climate offer what you’re seeking? Can the environment nurture the person you’re about to become? If yes, we develop a strategic process! And kick-ass by making every moment matter!

I believe that it is safe to say that the youth is near and dear to your heart. Is developing them in a society that scrutinizes them a hindrance to your programs and services or does it fuel it?

Bob Mackey Yes, all of it! If we stop here, they lose!!!! I strive to motivate and inspire generations to come. I’ve professionally have been working with youth for the past 20+ years. No matter what the world believes, we can’t grow without our youth! I need every young person to take their lives and the lives of others seriously and protect humankind!

I’ve spent the last 10 years teaching young men around the world how to tie a necktie and the power of a handshake. Simple gestures that provide lasting details of a first good impression.

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With something of this magnitude, I don’t believe you do this on your own. So would you share just how strategic you are in your connecting and collaborating with others to ensure that as many as possible can succeed?

Bob Mackey  Success is the result of a humbled strategy. Connecting with like-minded people who connect with other like-minded people is a plus! There are many people who’ve provided Bob Mackey with support of all kinds. I’m thanks to each of those individuals!

Are there any ways that outside individuals can connect with you and stand behind your mission?

Bob Mackey  Of course, Bob Mackey on Facebook. And follow OurBlk Men. 


Be sure to connect with impactful and influential men like Bob Mackey this year to be a part of the shift in the narrative in black communities abroad.


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