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Family-Owned Food Brand, Symphony Chips Is On A Mission To Provide The World With A Better Snack Experience

Family-Owned Food Brand, Symphony Chips Is On A Mission To Provide The World With A Better Snack Experience

Symphony Chips is a family-owned, gourmet food brand offering a healthier alternative to America’s favorite snack: the potato chip. Created by retired Las Vegas chef Andre Anderson, Symphony Chips is on a mission to provide the world with a better snack experience while simultaneously empowering local communities. Symphony Chips uses a harmonious and unique blend of 28 herbs and spices to ensure robust flavor and nutrition co-exist in a single snack.

Owner Dondre Anderson, son of Andre Anderson, has continued that mission by operating Symphony Chips alongside his daughters, Amina and Amari Anderson. Amina and Amari are both heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of Symphony Chips from its media and marketing practices to manufacturing processes. It is through their strong belief in family and community empowerment that Dondre would be inspired to create the company’s nonprofit sector: Symphony Crumbs, Incorporated.

Andre Anderson and Dondre Anderson

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Dondre: It’s simple, legacy! The reason has always been to give my family a legacy that will last for generations. Also, gaining the ability to build a company that my entire family can learn from is priceless.

Please tell us about your company?

Dondre: Our company started as a spice company. My dad introduced me to a spice that he cultivated while working on the Las Vegas Strip that we decided to bottle and sell. Once we landed in our first grocery store, we quickly learned that people don’t buy spices they cannot taste. So then we began doing demonstrations and offering our spice on raw vegetables and popcorn and the people loved it and we sold out! We then strategized about how we could expand into more stores and we came up with a plan to sell out faster and then move on to the next store. Then we decided to do a cooking demo and we decided on making homemade potato chips as a way to get people to try our spices and the people raved so much about the chips, they totally disregarded the fact that we were a spice company.

What have been some challenges you’ve faced while running the business that you’ve overcome?

Dondre: Some of the challenges I have faced are; learning how to run a business, how to get the capital needed when sales are low, and learning how to build lasting business relationships.

What does 2022 look like for you?

Dondre: 2022 looks very promising. This year we are focusing on relaunching our brand and achieving our new business goals.

What advice would you have for aspiring business owners?

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Dondre: Start Now! The earlier you start the more you get accomplished. The journey to starting a business is more about self-discovery and learning who you are and more importantly, what you are great at. I believe all of us are great, it’s just learning how great we are!

What do you want your company legacy to look like?

Dondre: Overall I want our company legacy to look like a launching pad for others to achieve their individual realization of greatness while helping our company continue to provide the world with a great product.

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