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PHENOMENONS, PHENOMS, and Paragons! Special Guest Artist of the Phenomenon Gathering Ushers In Rivers During Explosive Worship Session

PHENOMENONS, PHENOMS, and Paragons! Special Guest Artist of the Phenomenon Gathering Ushers In Rivers During Explosive Worship Session

There are some artists on my worship mix that I cannot listen to while driving because the swerving is real. And it’s probably not the best way to drive in Houston! Most of these people can’t drive anyway. But I digress. Maverick City Music, Elevation Worship, Victoria Orenze, Psalmist Raine, and now Carnail Stokes are to name some that I cannot blast in a moving vehicle with me behind the wheel. But let’s talk about Carnail Stokes. The teacher, author, artist, and apostle ushered in rivers appointed for the winning this month at the Phenomenon Gathering during the Raw Worship concert. If Kirk Franklin X Maverick City Music: Kingdom Tour shook Houston, then the Raw Worship sealed the transaction. 


The Phenomenon Gathering was hosted in Houston, Texas July 14th – July 16th by one of the greatest to ever do it, Apostle Kenya Gary and Graced 2 Govern Ministries. She gathered the world’s greatest solutionists to date in one room to establish the voice of women, cause them to evolve into the women they are to become and elevate their thinking so that they do not fumble the next level. Check out the recap here


Each session was fire! And the Raw Worship Session, which is now deemed as Rivers – Appointed – for the Winning Worship Session was one that also imparted. The anointing and power from the melodic voice of Apostle Carnail Stokes erupted the room, broke a dam, and created an atmosphere of freedom, hope, and transformation. With prophetic songs and songs from his latest albums (yes albums because there are two), Church of the Nation R.A.W. Praise Edition (Vol 1) and Church of the Nation R.A.W. Worship Edition (Vol 1), the worship concert was the perfect strategic addition to the Phenomenon. The atmosphere made way for the prophetic as the apostle, the prophet, the life seer spoke accurately into the lives of many and performed miracles. That’s something you don’t see at many concerts. But at the Phenomenon, we did! Not only did he saaang, but he prophesied…accurately! It was a phenomenon within itself. 


Whether you attended or not, you can get in on the melodious sounds from heaven experience by downloading the albums on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Adding the albums into your repertoire opens the door for healing, refreshing, and uprooting to name a few. 

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You can connect with the teacher, author, businessman, chef, artist, and apostle via social media, and if you’re in Houston, Texas stop by the Church of the Nation where he is the founder, father, and presiding bishop. He has been pastoring and church planting for over 15 years and prophesying and leading people since he was 11. Being called of God, Apostle Stokes strives to go into regions and establish the Kingdom of God to the glory of God and show others how to Yield and walk in power. 

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