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King of Urban Inspiration Pastor Mike Jr. Discusses “BIG” Moves

King of Urban Inspiration Pastor Mike Jr. Discusses “BIG” Moves

If you are like any of the majority in the world, you understand that music is powerful. It is the rhythmic expression of our soul. And of course, out of the abundance of our heart, the mouth speaks. This is why it becomes highly imperative to watch what we say and or sing. Fantasia spoke during an interview on The Real one day about finding love. She discussed how an interviewer expressed how we (her fan base) love it when she pours her heart out into songs like Free Yourself and Bittersweet. She then went on to say, and I paraphrase, if you continue singing songs as such you’d never find love. Hard pill to swallow! But lots of truth there. What we say, or sing in this case, begins to form our world. And that’s why I would jam the hit song, and might I add, quite a prophetic song, Big by Pastor Mike Jr. even when I was feeling down. To declare it was my season even when the world told me no is the reason why I am writing this article today. And guess what? Your girl had the pleasure of sitting down with Pastor Mike Jr. himself to discuss just how big it really is and much more. 


Pastor Mike Jr. affectionately known as PMJ is just a kid from Birmingham, Alabama who is out here making a difference and picked up a couple of shiny awards along the way. With songs like Big, I Got It (I cannot say that or type it without singing it), Amazing, and others, there’s still more he has to offer. Shifting lives is his mandate, whether through a song or preached word. When looking for one who understands the assignment, be sure to look his way. He goes into the curation of his songs (and probably any other endeavors) with the knowledge that “gospel music is the only genre of music where the melody plus the message equals a miracle” (his words, not mine, but should be said more often). That’s the introduction! That’s what you needed. 

The down-to-earth vessel shared with me that his discipline came through serving. I asked how did it feel to receive such recognition that so many fights for and work for but never get. Winning 11 stellar awards in the last three years have shifted culture. From inspiring songs to inspiring award-winning speeches, many are left with the empowerment to move forward and continue even when the odds are stacked against them. 


Pastor Mike Jr. It was incredible, man. I went through my phone this morning and saw that I started chronicling, and vlogging my very first event. It was in 2019. Shout out to New Birth out of Atlanta in Georgia! Dr. Jamal Bryant called me and said, hey, I heard you dropped a song. I said, yes sir. He said, come sing it at my church. At that point, I had never performed it. So I went to New Birth and performed Big, and it was absolutely incredible. And the rest is history. One person said to me, man, it’s like, you are an overnight success. And I was like, no, I didn’t feel like that. It was a lot of hard work. For twelve years, I’ve been loving and serving in my city. That’s what people don’t realize. I’m new to the world. But I’m old to my city. For twelve years, we’ve given away millions of dollars worth of medical debt relief. We bought countless homes; gas. We’ve helped schools. In our city, Birmingham, Alabama, we were known as the city’s church. So when I hit the scene people were like, how he already got a fan base. Well, I had a whole city behind me. I’m just grateful that God has put us in a position to inspire so many people.


Many of us love the overnight success stories. However, much work goes into success. The late nights and early mornings that people don’t see comprise discipline. As we see with the king of urban inspiration himself, his serving created a fan base prior to his name in lights. Catch that later! 


Now, what makes him the king of urban inspiration? Great question. It could be his diligence in speaking life into situations and people. When one looks at his social media feed they see stirring posts that cause them to stand up and continue forward. He’s an inspiration to fathers having potent conversations with their sons to be better, learning from mistakes, and much more. His heart is for the youth. And if you feel young at heart, you can be a part of the number too. 

Pastor Mike Jr. I just try my best to stay concerned with what I can handle and what I can change. My roots are youth ministry. So I had the largest youth ministry in my city. Shout out to all my old school youth church members, Royal Nation.


Creating songs that speak to your everyday living has made him a household name. A name that carries such weight that when you think you’re about to fail or feel defeated you can turn up a prophetic song like Big or be reminded of how Amazing God truly is. His catalog encourages you to rise above or to reflect. 


Pastor Mike Jr. I believe if Jesus was walking on the earth today, he wouldn’t be at the cathedral. He would be in the hood. So for me, man, I love it a lot. I love Drake music. I love Bryson Tiller La. I’ve been rocking this Summer Walker album, just kind of listening to how they approach certain songs and tempos. I was just on the phone with Tilly from Quality Control yesterday. So for me, when I look at the melody, I say, I know what the message is, it’s wrapped in Jesus, but I have a little gray area where I can say, “give me trap right here or give me a little bounce right here”. So when they ride in the car, they can feel it. Because if we’re not careful, I think everybody is so busy chasing trends that they’re missing their assignment. I love Maverick City. I love what Chandler is doing. They have an assignment right now. I love James Fortune, he has an assignment. Whereas I’m concerned to give you something that you can ride in the car to. Stuff that you can bump when you get the promotion. 

As soon as you get in your car, you just shout. I got it, I got it. 

It is safe to say that he understands the parameters of his assignment while celebrating the next. If it is nothing else that you take away from this article, be it that your assignment is worth you showing up for. That’s inspiring and empowering within itself. Now to stay in a posture of inspiration can be difficult at times. Life happens. We get tired. We get frustrated. But Pastor Mike Jr. shared what keeps him grounded to be able to share with his family, friends, congregation, and the world. What he does after a win is so contrary to what society or should I say social media is used to. Separation. Yes. Separation. 


Pastor Mike Jr. I spent three days at my pastor’s ranch. I was like before the world hears my response, I want to make sure I can handle what the world wants to throw at me. For me, I give all credit to my parents, man. They just always kept me grounded. I’m just so grounded in who I am. 

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His understanding of fame being fleeting doesn’t deter him from knowing who he is. He did admit that if he had come to this place about 6 years ago, he would have been lost chasing fame and clout. But there’s always a set, ripe time for something. This is why I conclude that he is an excellent person to share some advice with those embarking on a foreign journey where it is easy to lose hope and sight of what the true assignment is. This is the advice that he shared. 


Pastor Mike Jr. Embrace yourself. It was Samuel Chin who said pain is a part of progress and anything that grows experiences some pain. So if I avoid pain, I avoid growth. And I think a lot of times when you are a creative, in the words of that beautiful sister, you’re sensitive about your shh…, yeah. (Calm down, he didn’t say the word.) So when I do music I do it for that group of people who are blessed by it, and if the world likes it, they like it, and if they don’t, they don’t. And I think you have to be grounded enough to know who you are because this industry will change you. I think you have to be rooted and grounded and know who you are before. If you know who you are before you get in it, it won’t be able to change you. 


It is evident that knowing who you are, creating discipline, and staying in your lane is the recipe for great success. This is the proof of Pastor Mike Jr.’s life. 


And guess what? You too can let your light shine by sharing your wisdom, your gifts, talents, your business, and more. Experience greatness in YOUR life and then go out and spread it. The king is strategic in his journey of being him, shining bright, inspiring, and empowering others to take that leap, that step, that crawl forward. So take the invitation. 


You can find more details on Pastor Mike Jr. on his website Now go be great! 

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