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Interview With DJ Dizzy On How His Career Got Started

Interview With DJ Dizzy On How His Career Got Started

Our Black Men Magazine is pleased to bring you DJ Dizzy. A trendsetter, a bridge, and a plug. He’s somebody who creates vibes and brings them wherever he goes for whatever occasion. DJ Dizzy just likes to connect cultures and people who want to enjoy life. We learned more about the humble beginnings of how his career began and where he’s going on his creative journey.

How did your career get started? What was it at the beginning that made you want to become a DJ?

DJ Dizzy: I was 15 years old and was introduced to DJing at a Boys and Girls club by my mentor who was the staff. I really wanted something unique that I could do at that age that would be positive for my social life but not dangerous or have negative consequences. We had a skate party at the club and everybody was skating, but I was more interested in the music.

Let’s chat about the history of your DJing career. What have been some of the biggest accomplishments on your resume that you’re extremely proud of?

DJ Dizzy: Being from a small city, It was major for me to be flown out to the West coast to perform for a mixed crowd I’ve never done before.

I was the first DJ from my area to be featured on major blog pages such as the Shade Room, etc.

A very major moment for me was when I was listed as Top 10 HBCU DJ in the country for 2016 by HBCU Buzz.

I’ve also had my own FM radio show and included on Major Online radio platforms like DTLR Radio.

I can also say that I’ve performed at over 15 different colleges, HBCUs and PWIs and in 10+ major cities.

We would love to dive into a personal question to get readers to know about you as a person outside of your career. What have been some obstacles you’ve been through that have made you a better person and helped you navigate the industry that you’re in?

DJ Dizzy: Some of the obstacles I’ve had to face, was really coming from nothing. I had to create my support system from scratch instead of just having one. A lot of people have fallback plans, all I had was just DJ’ing. no job, no vehicle, and just my equipment. I used to DJ small college house parties for $30 and a drink, just to get my name out there. My first set of speakers, I literally had to take. Staying out til 5 am just to say I DJed at a major club in Baltimore. Showing up to clubs with a cheap controller just trying to make a way! Growing up as a church boy and teaching myself genres of music! None of this was easy you know?

I appreciate the humble beginnings I went through and the actual process. 10 years in and I’m only halfway there.

What are some of the projects that you’re working on now?

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DJ Dizzy: Right now, I am currently working on a major event that involves HBCU alumni traveling overseas. I’ve also recently relocated and I am building and expanding my brand to the Greensboro, NC, and Charlotte, NC areas. I’ll be working on integrating Baltimore culture down in North Carolina. I am also currently working on showcasing my talents on TikTok and utilizing Instagram Reels to create revenue outside of event bookings.

What are your future goals as a DJ, where do you see yourself in the future, and what steps are you taking to get there?

DJ Dizzy: I see myself continually being a household DJ name on the East Coast. I want to be able to DJ in any state and be welcomed. You should be able to type my name in Google and pull up my music and mixes. I actually want to DJ a Verzuz event before it’s too late. I want to DJ for a major artist at a concert like Rolling Loud. I just want all that DJ’ing has to offer.

As of now, I’m continuing to do events and network with promoters in multiple cities like Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dover DE, Baltimore, and DC. I will also maintain my social media presence and push towards 20K organic followers. I also want to work towards a DJ mentorship program for young black men and women.


Keep up to date with DJ Dizzy on Instagram @djdizzy__

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