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Podcasts To Be On The Lookout For: “Raw and Real Vet Talk” With PJ Cowan

Podcasts To Be On The Lookout For: “Raw and Real Vet Talk” With PJ Cowan

Fitness Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Chef, and now Podcast host, PJ Cowan is gearing up to launch his podcast “Raw and Real Vet Talk” in March.

This won’t be just an ordinary podcast, as Pj is not just an ordinary man. He is open and honest and ready to speak on all those hard topics people are scared to speak about. You will hear about life in the Army, what it’s like to be a Divorced Dad, and being a child’s first teacher. His views on certain politics and how he sees the system when it comes to his kids.

You will also learn why fitness became such a huge part of his life and why he enjoys training others. Raw and Real Vet Talk will feature guests from the Entertainment Industry, the Fitness Industry, Divorced Dads, Ex Veterans, and many more. Pj is giving others a platform to share their stories as well of difficult times and overcoming them. This is an opportunity for great conversation and a little debate.

PJ, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. We want to celebrate the launch of the “Raw and Real Vet Talk” podcast. How did it come about and what are you excited for?

PJ Cowan: Thank you for having me and yes, I’m excited about the launch of Raw & Real Vet Talk, it came about from just the wrong real reality of the things I’ve been through in life from army brat to military to married to divorced to being a dad to full-time single dad to entrepreneur to dealing with the system and being exposed to the reality of or justice system.

What impact do you want to make as a podcast media professional?

PJ Cowan: I want to continue to make an impact and serve by giving some raw real information and having real conversations. The hope is that people can learn to communicate better so that it benefits them and helps them in whatever situation they’re going through if.

Describe a moment where you had to be raw and real in your personal life. How did this moment make you a better thought leader?

PJ Cowan: I mean, a time I can really remember is being a father and a coach to my son at the same time. I had to ditch him during the game because of his conduct and behavior. It made me a better leader, because of being able to separate father from Coach. Even though I saw my son was the best player on the team.

Why should audiences tune into the podcast and who do you think will be able to relate to it, and why?

PJ Cowan: You should tune in to this podcast as it’s going to be the most Raw and Real conversations, no topics off limits.

With special guests and with myself and my life and things that I’ve been through that could help someone out who is going through a similar situation you have already experienced, or it can’t help you it will sure as hell entertain you.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

PJ Cowan: Fun fact about me as a kid I spent some of my childhood in Germany and Greece.

What is a special quote that you live by? How did this quote become meaningful to you as you navigate your day-to-day life?

PJ Cowan: Things you do for yourself die with you, but things you do for others live on.

That phrase to me says Stronger Together, and me being a server of the people I just feel like it resonates with all the hats I wear for all my businesses.

Are you currently seeking podcast guests? If so, how can someone apply to be on the show?

PJ Cowan: Yes, I am always looking for guest if someone is interested in being a guest on Raw and Real Vet Talk with PJ Cowan send me an email to and let’s talk.

As you continue to thrive in your multi-dimensional career, what do you want the world to know about you as a Black Man in America?

PJ Cowan: I am a survivor and a fighter.

Any shoutouts you would like to give?

PJ Cowan: Shout out to all my entrepreneur Veterans let’s talk!

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