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Music Artist Kenny J. Wilkins Discusses His Rendition of John Legends “All Of Me”

Music Artist Kenny J. Wilkins Discusses His Rendition of John Legends “All Of Me”

Meet Kenny J. Wilkins, he started in music at 5 yrs old. In church, you’d see him strumming an acoustic guitar when the music was playing, but after the music stopped and preaching began he would fall asleep.

By the mid 90’s Kenny had produced and been a part of countless projects from Hip hop, R&B, Latin, and Gospel music.

He is not only a former member of the group RIFF, he is also a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist. Kenny is currently working on projects for himself and others. He has a love for music in all genres. Every skill he has contributes to being free to express himself with what he hears. Whether he is writing for a project; music or lyrics that’s his approach. If the message is clear and it’s pointing to a positive perspective, Kenny is staying true to the muse.

Most recently Kenny released his single Love Is All We Need that can be found on all streaming platforms, we live in a world that needs more love and positivity.

Next up for Kenny is his rendition of John Legends “All Of Me”, more singles, an album, and a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned, Kenny has more to come in 2023.

Hello Kenny, it’s such an honor to interview you today. As a beloved music artist, what inspired you to release your rendition of John Legend’s All Of Me? What do you hope comes from remaking this masterpiece song with your own unique version?

Kenny: My rendition of John Legend’s “All Of Me” was inspired by wanting relationships to be continuous of the responsibility that they must have to be successful. Relationships these days sometimes struggle with the understanding that they will have differences and challenges. The unique thing is that even though there are differences between two individuals, relationships can still be stable and prosperous. “My head’s underwater but I’m breathing fine You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind”; is a clear example of the struggle but the redemptive power of what a positive relationship can mean.

What are some of the latest projects you’ve released or are currently working on?

Kenny: The latest project I’ve worked on and has been released is “Love is all we need’’. This piece speaks to what our world is in need of. We have witnessed countless acts of immoral activity in our world and from what I can see we can use more love in every area of our lives. If it’s anything we need more of in our world it’s love; real love the kind that’s caring, kind, and concerned for others. I’m looking forward to more projects and musical perspectives that warm the heart and exude positive energy.

What have been some challenges you’ve overcome as a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist?

Kenny: Probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve learned; and still learning, how to overcome is to get yourself out of the way of the music. Continuing with the mindset to keep going can sometimes be challenging. Every aspect of music whether producing, writing, engineering or being a solo artist can be challenging but one thing I’ve always tried to do is stay confident in the process. As long as you stay “true” to it; all those things will stay “true” to you. You never know what will work for you. Just because it worked for others it may not work for you. Every artist, producer, and writer is uniquely made. Our uniqueness makes us who we are.

What would you say have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Kenny: Some of the most memorable moments in my career is receiving a message expressing to me that the music I’m gifted to create helped them through a bad experience. She said if it had not been for the music; she couldn’t tell me what would have happened to her.. another moment was: I was getting my car washed at a local car wash and the car wash attendant said don’t you sing…… she remembered my performance and started to sing the song.

What are some must-have items you need when you’re in the studio?

Kenny: Some of the must-haves in the studio are good vibes, snacks, water, open minds, jokes, and fun.. if you can’t bring this to my studio session… well don’t come seems simple to me…

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What does the music industry need more of from your point of view?

Kenny: The music industry to me needs mentors. These mentors should not be consumed with the stardom of an artist but consumed with making sure artists know the business, moral integrity, and the influence their music has.

What else would you like our readers to know about you? Any exclusive news you can share with us first?

Kenny: Well “Kenny J. ‘’ has an agenda, and it’s simply to contribute to the industry in a more positive and uplifting way. Songs like John Legend’s “All Of Me ‘’ has the message of enlightenment to relationships. My song “Love is all we need ‘’ follows with a conscious perspective focusing on what can help the world. Both these pieces have a target; which is to help push a “help-people” agenda. Well… as far as exclusive news I can share with you all first? Let’s just say we are about to be really busy!!

What impact do you aspire to make throughout your career?

Kenny: The impact I’m aspiring to make throughout my career is to push the agenda of positivity throughout my music. Uplifting love; uplifting a perspective that provokes change and thought is the impact I’m looking for.


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