Author and Speaker Sherman Harris Jr. Encourages Men to Become More Honest With Their Feelings and Goals

Author and Speaker Sherman Harris Jr. is Calling for a Day of Embracing Faith. He is also encouraging men to become more honest with their feelings and goals. Sherman Harris Jr. wants to encourage individuals and leaders to join him on the third Sunday of August for a Day of Embracing Faith. This day will bring people together while fostering a sense of unity and solidarity. Harris, Jr. would like for leaders, individuals, and communities to host gatherings that will allow believers to connect, support one another, and strengthen the bonds of their faith in their community and beliefs.

There are many benefits to participating in the Day of Embracing Faith. Participants can cultivate gratitude, share the many blessings they have received, and share their stories and words of encouragement to others to remain steadfast in their journeys.

Celebrating the Day of Embracing Faith may look different but the sentiment will always be the same. Making a meaningful connection to your personal faith while inspiring others to do the same.

“Will you join the call for a Day of Embracing Faith?” — Sherman Harris Jr.

Please enjoy the interview!


Please tell us a little bit about your message.

When I think about it. When God shares or gives it to me, I want to share how good God is even when you’re doing things that you are not supposed to do. God is still excellent. I started doing a lot of things I had no business doing. Not knowing that God was still in my life because I felt like I was just lucky.

I did a lot of wrong things, and He covered me the whole time. I did not have a clue that it was him. Once I got a relationship with him it changed everything in the beginning to change everything.

Tell us about your background and how you started your journey.

Sherman: I was a bad little kid. I got put out of Saint Joseph’s In the 6th grade. My mother came and whipped me in front of the whole class. I didn’t want to pay attention to anybody. It was Sherman’s way or no way. I don’t want to say I was a bully but it had to be my way or not way. If anyone said something about my lip, I fought. I fought until I was in the 9th grade.

What are your plans for the future, and how do you plan to grow this ministry?

Sherman:  The gift God gave me is for me to serve first him and other people I really believed it if I stay on focus with God and do exactly what God told me no more exactly what he does is stay right there no matter how big I get or how big people think that I am if I could stay humble to the whole journey into a sacro God say I believe it’s gonna be good for everybody not just for me you know that’s why it’s important if people listen ’cause when I speak it’s gonna be God for speaking all he does is let me all I’m gonna repeat what he says so if you gotta play ship with God you wanna know it’s coming from God and why they don’t have one would feel like it’s coming from somewhere and don’t even know where it’s coming from but they know something different because it’s God

How do you separate yourself from others in this field?

Sherman:  Be true to yourself. Listen to God’s voice. Know what God is saying. Listen to the Holy Spirit and do exactly as the Holy Spirit leads you to do.

What were the top three mistakes you made starting your journey, and what did you learn from them?


-Not understanding God in my life earlier.

-Thinking I knew it all.

-Not thinking I was worthy to be used by God.

What was your first business idea, and what did you do with it? What were some of the lessons you had? Why is that important?

Sherman:  As a club owner, I had money with no plan. People were stealing from me. I trusted everybody. I had to experience all of that. I’m thinking that everyone who is laughing and giggling with me would do right and they were stealing the whole time.

I never thought I would be broke. I was getting money so much that you know they took it or whatever this is but you know I never dreamed I would be broke. It never crossed my mind. It is not always the plan. I know that is going to mess some of you up. We think it is a plan, but the plan is no good without His plan. That’s number one. We’ll do our plan and after our plan get in trouble then we go to God for His plan.

We don’t go to Him first and ask him what direction to do and how to do it you know I think we’re afraid of how He is gonna tell us or he might tell us not yet and we wanna do it right now. He doesn’t know the reason why we wait so long.

I would tell any new person to ask God for your directions. Ask Him and be patient enough to listen. Do not act if you’re not gonna listen, Do not ask God if you’re not gonna listen. After you then do exactly what He said. It is gonna be a process but I’m telling you it’ll be well worth it.

How do you feel about how marriage and relationships are viewed and treated nowadays?

Sherman:  The Holy Spirit started bothering me, messing with me, irritating me because I did not wanna get married. I never thought in a million years, marriage could be this great. If I didn’t get a relationship with God it probably wouldn’t have been where is right now. I think the relationship that I have with God, and the relationship she has with God has saved our marriage and made our marriage what it is.

I don’t think that any one of us could be where we are right now if we don’t have a relationship with God. I think that really is the total for us in marriage.

I think marriages have a bad communication gap. They don’t communicate. I think marriages can communicate more. If you want to marriage to be successful you got to communicate more. God first and then communication if you want your marriage to be great right now and it could be even better than you ever imagined with a relationship with God and communication.

What can a couple entering into marriage do to start right?

Sherman: They have to communicate. Everyone has a secret make no mistake about it, so I’m not saying that you must come clean enough where you must tell something deep down in your heart that you have never told anyone in the world, but God knows.

I used to at one time say that everybody should come clean. God broke it down to me and said, everyone has a secret. I told God, I don’t understand. To this day I still don’t understand. I looked back and recaptured everything in my life there are things in my life that I never told anyone.

What advice would you give to men who are unsure about committing?

Sherman: If you are unsure, you cannot commit. It will not work. If you go into a relationship thinking you are unsure, it won’t work. If you are unsure, do not commit that’s my best advice.

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I made my mind up in 2000 that’s what I want to do, but I had never sense to proposition God for six months. I said God, let me go to 2000. In 1999 when He first told me. I asked him for six more months. Most of the things I said to God, I have done. God had enough patience with me and let me go through there after calling me in 1999. I asked him to let me finish whatever I was doing, and I was able to give it up.

How can men become more honest with themselves about their feelings and goals?

Sherman: Just be yourself. If we stop trying to be like everyone else. Like me, I was trying to be like other people or trying to be something we are not.

I had to learn I want to be more like Christ. It is ok to admire another person, do not misunderstand, likewise, it’s OK to mine another person don’t misunderstand me, it is okay to get some good traits from another person but you don’t want to be like another person. Be yourself and be like God. God created you so if you want to be anything you want the God in you to be with you

What helps you stay driven and motivated to keep going in your journey?

Sherman:  I just keep watching for what God is doing for people. It is not just about me and the gift He has given me. I just enjoy it when I see people listen to what God is saying and do what God’s told them to do. I just get excited to see when I look at a person and I know God changed that person. I say look at God. I love it when I see other people advance in the Word of God. I am not talking about words; I’m talking about living it and you can still be human. Some people are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.

What valuable advice would you give to someone just starting their journey?

Sherman:  Have patience. Do not think you will learn everything overnight. Go step by step and trust in God. The more you go step by step, the more you will trust God. What often happens is we want to be where someone else is and they have been on their journey for 10 or 12 years. I have been guilty. We see their level and go home, and you read, read, and read to get where they are, not knowing what it took for them to get where they are, and you are trying to copy that.

What have been your biggest challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Sherman:  Not believing in me. God helped me overcome it. I did not believe God could use me to do the things He has called me to do. It took me a long time to get adjusted to it and he would even trust me enough to do the things He has done for me and continues to do for me.

What are some words of encouragement you can share with those who are struggling with past mistakes and hurt?

Sherman:  We are created in GGod’simage. We are past the mistake level. It is as if when we sin because we are born sinners, but he died for our sins, so now we are disobedient. We do not have a sin problem. But we are still talking about we have a sin problem. So you are telling me every time we sin, He has to die on the cross and come back again? He is not doing that. In terms of a mistake, I say we make bad choices, bad decisions.

Mistakes have a stigma. You are disappointed because you did not make the right decision. When I make a bad choice, I can prepare because I say, man, I want to make a better decision. When I say I made a mistake, I have in my mind, am I going to make another one? A mistake puts me in a negative space. So, when I make a mistake, I am thinking man, I am going to make another one. What am I going to do to stop making this mistake?

God will give you the right decision. The question is are you patient enough to wait for it? There is no way God will give you a bad decision but are you patient enough to wait for his decision before we go right back out making our own choices again until you get to the right one? If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results. God will give you different results.

About Sherman Harris, Jr:

As a humble servant and prophet, Sherman Harris, Jr. shares the often-whispered utterances of truth and direct revelation from God to inspire and encourage others to walk in their truth. The journey through life can be challenging without guidance from God. Prophet Harris wants to share his story of finding his way to becoming the True Man of God he is. From listening to God to overcoming his choices in life that some have viewed as failures but were truly blessings to creating the foundation of a marriage that has only strengthened over the years. Harris, Jr. strives to walk in faith and under the guidance of the word of God. As he always states, “The truth does not need defending” and he walks in his truth. | Facebook | Tiktok | Instagram | LinkedIn

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