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Celebrity Chef Cordell Robinson Shares His Secrets to Success in The Kitchen

Celebrity Chef Cordell Robinson Shares His Secrets to Success in The Kitchen

Cordell Robinson, also known as Cordell The Culinary Diva, has been cooking since the age of 7. Growing up in a household of six children with a mother who worked multiple jobs, Cordell often ate quick and simple meals such as peanut butter and jelly or Spam. However, he developed a love for food by watching his aunts and great-aunt cook and eventually began to mimic their techniques. Starting with basic dishes like baked chicken wings and seasoned canned vegetables, Cordell’s passion for cooking grew as he tackled more complex meals like fried rice, egg rolls, and spaghetti. Despite having no access to the internet for recipes, he relied on his taste buds and the feedback of his siblings to improve his culinary skills.

After college, Cordell joined the US Navy and was stationed in Diego Garcia and later Spain. He and his friends would cook using just one burner or cooking pot, which helped him develop the ability to cook in any kitchen. Stationed in Spain, Cordell was exposed to unique foods and cooking styles, which inspired him to learn how to make traditional dishes like Paella. After leaving the Navy, he continued to cook for others, hosting dinner parties for 50+ people in his small kitchen. Cordell loves to take others on a food journey, sharing his passion for cuisines from all over the world, including dishes inspired by his Jamaican heritage.

In recent years, Cordell has cooked for celebrities and corporations, including Aston Martin Bentley, Dolce & Gabbana, and Keith Sweat. He has also cooked all over the world, from London, UK to Paris, France. Most recently, he was invited to cook for the Andaz Hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica for a lifestyle brand Ambassador opportunity. Cordell’s passion for cooking has taken him far and wide, but his love for food remains at the heart of everything he does.

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