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Harlem Rapper Rich-P’s Album Rockets to #12 on iTunes Chart, Honored with Prestigious Plaque

Harlem Rapper Rich-P’s Album Rockets to #12 on iTunes Chart, Honored with Prestigious Plaque

In a remarkable achievement that solidifies his position as one of the most talented rappers to emerge from Harlem, Rich-P’s latest album “ What Does Love Get You?” has soared to the #12 spot on the prestigious iTunes chart. To commemorate this monumental success, iTunes honored the charismatic artist with a special plaque during an exclusive event held at the exquisite Loft 29 in Hudson Yards and sponsored by Bumbu Rum And Villon.

The celebration was attended by an impressive array of New York City’s socialites, including some of the industry’s most prominent figures. Notable guests included Te Taylor, the influential social media influencer known for her captivating content and trendsetting style. Joining her was the renowned Chef Lexis Gonzales, recognized for her appearances on the widely acclaimed Food Network show, “Chopped Sweets,” where her culinary skills have captivated audiences worldwide.

The event also welcomed Silva, the beloved on-air personality for Music Xclusives, who has become a trusted voice and source of musical discovery for countless fans. Adding to the star-studded guest list was LooksByLunden, a celebrity wardrobe stylist known for dressing some of the biggest names in entertainment and fashion, ensuring their impeccable style shines on every red carpet and stage.

The presence of vast esteemed figures in the music industry’s A&R scene further highlighted the significance of Rich-P’s achievement. Their attendance demonstrated her recognition of Rich-P’s immense talent and the potential for his career to reach unprecedented heights. Notably attending were immense socialites of New York City: Influencer Te Taylor, Chef Lexis Gonzales from the food network “Chopped Sweets”, Silva on-air personality for Music Xclusives, celebrity wardrobe stylist LooksByLunden, Mz Bizz A&R CEO of Brooklyn Hippie’s, Shots by Sean Bell celebrity photographer, Impact image of Sirius XM Da Union, L’Oreal Luchi of Hot 97, Marsha the Head of Brooklyn Chop House, and YungSsfe celebrity photographer.

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Capturing the essence of the event and ensuring that every moment was beautifully preserved, the renowned photographer Pemry Ms Muse was present. Known for her ability to capture the energy and emotions of any occasion, her photographs will undoubtedly serve as timeless mementos of this remarkable milestone in Rich-P’s career.

Rich-P, known for his distinctive Harlem sound and insightful lyrics, expressed his gratitude to iTunes and his dedicated fanbase for their unwavering support throughout his musical journey. His album’s success on the iTunes chart reflects the profound impact his music has had on listeners, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

As the evening unfolded at Loft 29 in Hudson Yards, the atmosphere was electric, filling the room with excitement and anticipation. Rich-P graciously accepted the honor bestowed upon him by iTunes, receiving a striking plaque that symbolized his remarkable achievement. With his album climbing the iTunes chart and a plaque proudly displayed, Rich-P’s career continues to ascend to new heights. As he remains dedicated to his craft, fans eagerly await what the future holds for this remarkable talent, confident that his unique sound and captivating lyrics will continue to captivate audiences around the globe.

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