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Shining Bright: The Multi-Faceted World of Eric ‘Buddy’ Davis

Shining Bright: The Multi-Faceted World of Eric ‘Buddy’ Davis

In a world that often moves at a rapid pace, Eric “Buddy” Davis stands out as a beacon of positivity, warmth, and boundless energy. More than just an Event Host, Eric is a father, son, friend, and a passionate individual whose life revolves around connecting with others, planning memorable experiences, and promoting inclusivity.

A Passionate Host and Program Specialist

Currently serving as the Program Specialist for the Office of Student Affairs at The University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Eric’s role aligns seamlessly with his degree in Communication from Towson University. He is responsible for collaborating with student-led organizations and department leads to organize social events at the university. Eric’s commitment extends to being a member of various work groups that actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school. “I love all people” is not just a motto for Eric; it’s a guiding principle that reflects in his interactions with everyone he encounters. Whether hosting events, collaborating with colleagues, or engaging in community initiatives, Eric’s exuberant personality leaves a lasting impact.

A Visionary and Advocate for Autism Awareness

Eric’s journey takes a deeply personal turn as a father of an autistic teenage son. This experience has not only shaped his life but also fueled a mission to educate others about autism. Through initiatives like “We Speak Wednesdays,” a series of IG Lives during Autism Awareness Month, Eric, alongside co-host Ashley Johnson and other parents, shares stories and information to build a supportive community.

Turning Passion into Business

In recent years, Eric has transformed his innate passion for hosting into a thriving business. With an impressive portfolio ranging from local festivals and weddings to virtual Zoom conferences, he has hosted events that bring people together in celebration.

Looking Towards the Future

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Eric recently launched his new podcast, “Do It For The Love,” with co-host Comacell Brown, he envisions hosting major music and film events. His long-term goals include establishing his production company, a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of dreams and goals.

A Call for Coexistence and Communication

For Eric, the essence of a promising future lies in our ability to coexist, communicate, understand, be accountable, and grow together. His life is a testament to the belief that by seeing value in our own lives and each other, we can collectively create a brighter future. In Eric’s own words, “The future is bright because there’s plenty of light for all of us to shine, but we must see value in our own lives and each other first.” Here’s to more life and more blessings as Eric continues to illuminate the world with his positivity, love, and commitment to bringing people together.

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