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Ramahn Jemahl: Nurturing Creativity from Akron to Really? Goody! Studios

Ramahn Jemahl: Nurturing Creativity from Akron to Really? Goody! Studios

Akron isn’t just a place for Ramahn Jemahl; it’s the heart of his lifelong journey. Raised amidst the warmth of family, including great-grandparents, grandparents, and siblings, Ramahn’s roots in Akron instilled values of family and community that would shape his creative odyssey. A maestro in the musical arts and entertainment industry, Ramahn’s journey reflects a kaleidoscope of creative endeavors. Today, he stands as the driving force behind Really? Goody! Studios, a dynamic creative powerhouse that captures the essence of his distinct signature.

In this exclusive look into his world, discover the voice behind the inspiring “Quit for What?” podcast — a testament to Ramahn’s ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Explore the mission of Really? Goody! Studios, where creativity is more than a task; it’s a transformative journey, from capturing moments through the lens to designing brands that resonate. Unveil Ramahn’s belief in the power of storytelling and his commitment to helping clients share their narratives in compelling ways. Join him on a creative journey that goes beyond services, fostering collaboration, and innovation.

Ramahn Jemahl isn’t just a creative entrepreneur; he’s a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration, standing beside you on your own creative journey. Get ready to be motivated, educated, and inspired as Ramahn shares his mantra: “I’m an expert at not giving up.” Together with Really? Goody! Studios, he’s on a mission to help you celebrate your story and the art of persistence.

Can you tell us more about your background in the musical arts and entertainment industry and how it has shaped your creative journey?

Ramahn Jemahl: Growing up, I used to go to practice with my mother, who is a singer, and that’s where singing and entertainment got instilled in me. I started, listening to Michael Jackson and then there was New Addition, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, and Jodeci is my all-time favorite group. I remember asking my mother to teach me how to sing, and she gave me tips and tricks to do so. I began recording myself and playing it back and found that I was getting better and better from that. I started singing in talent shows and got into a couple of groups and one of the groups I was in got a record deal. Over the years, we had two deals, and each time something terrible happened that caused us to not get any further. So being in front of a crowd and entertaining people has been a passion of mine, and after getting married and having kids, I discovered podcasting which became my outlet for being in front of a microphone, on camera, not singing, but speaking to people, but also delivering uplifting messages. So, I’m still putting smiles on faces and bringing joy. That’s the best part.

What inspired you to start Really? Goody! Studios and what sets it apart from other creative studios?

Ramahn Jemahl: I started doing podcasting in 2010 and at that time there were no studios that were recording podcasts, that I knew of. And when you’re getting started in podcasting, you just get equipment and do your best to make it happen, at least that’s what I did. I learned a lot of tips and tricks from watching YouTube. And as I got more and more into it, I needed more space because I wanted to include other people in my podcast and the one bedroom in my house just wasn’t big enough. So, I went from there to my basement and then to a room on the side of my garage and I just kept outgrowing the spaces so over the years I’ve had three studios outside of my home and I just really enjoy having a space that I can go and create.

I also found that other people began to get interested in doing podcasts. So, with the knowledge that I have, I decided to create Really? Goody! Studios and offer my services to other creatives. The name came from my first podcast, which was called The What’s Really? Good! Show. And one day, my mother said “The What’s Really? Good! Show coming to you live from Really? Goody! Studios and that was it. It stuck, and my space became Really? Goody! Studios in that moment. What sets us apart is our true passion for capturing people’s emotions through photography, videography, and podcasting in a way that fosters a connection between the individual and the person who is viewing the content. We want people to feel like they know you just from seeing a photo or video.

How did the idea for the “Quit for What?” podcast come about, and what message do you hope to convey through it?

Ramahn Jemahl: I knew I wanted to continue podcasting and I had an issue with being consistent. I believe it’s from my thinking that I needed other people on my show (co-hosts) to support what I was trying to do and to keep me motivated. I said to myself that I was going to start something on my own and not worry about whether anyone would show up or not and just be consistent with it. I knew I wanted to motivate and inspire others to not give up on their passions. I also knew that starting a show called, Quit for What? would keep me consistent, because how can I do that and give up myself? Lol! My slogan is “Do what you Gotta do to make it happen. Don’t give up Quit for What?” and that’s what I’m doing.

In what ways do you believe your personal journey and ethos are reflected in the mission of Really? Goody! Studios?

Ramahn Jemahl: I grew up in a loving, supportive household with my great grandparents, my grandparents, my mother, my brothers, my sister, and a host of aunts and uncles who loved and supported me and that’s why I care about and love to help and support others. To uplift people is who I am. I am passionate about my creative works, and helping others on their journeys.

Can you talk about the importance of fostering collaboration and innovation in the creative industry, and how your studio embodies these values?

Ramahn Jemahl: I believe that collaboration is a great thing to strive for, but in reality, it’s not easy, especially where I’m from. You have to find individuals who have the same values, morals, and passion as you for it to work in my opinion. When it comes to innovation, you have to keep up with what’s going on in our industry to not get left behind. I am always on YouTube university learning daily. I truly hope to connect and collaborate with more people, but I feel that it’s a natural thing that happens and should not be forced. For me, good qualities and passion are more important than money. If those boxes are checked, the money will come.

How do you approach each project at Really? Goody! Studios as a creative journey rather than just a task?

Ramahn Jemahl: I created a design for a T-shirt that says “Addicted To The Process” and yes, I am truly addicted to the process of figuring it out and making it happen. I genuinely enjoy it. So for me, it does not feel like a task at all. When you are truly passionate about something, it does not feel like work and I’m thankful that I feel that way.

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What role do you believe storytelling plays in the creative process, and how do you help clients share their narratives in compelling ways?

Ramahn Jemahl: I believe that storytelling plays a huge role in the creative process. When you can convey someone’s story through their product, a photo, or any medium for that matter, is the way to truly connect to your audience. We look to make people comfortable so that they will open up and show their true selves. Because as we know, people can see through a façade.

Can you expand on your mantra, “I’m an expert at not giving up,” and how it relates to your work at Really? Goody! Studios and the “Quit for What?” podcast?

Ramahn Jemahl: Yes, “I’m an expert at not giving up.” I can tell you that, anything I set out to do, whether it’s for me or a client, I don’t give up until I figure out a way to make whatever it is happen. Like I said, previously, I’m addicted to the process and I know that it takes time to get things right. If I quit on something then I’m not living up to the Quit for What? podcast. Lol! With that being said, we all need motivation and support. I hope to cultivate a community that can and will consistently support each other on our journeys.


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